What criteria are used to calculate the cost of the premium?
We base our premium on the number of golfers, the yardage of the hole and the value of the prize.

Do I need to know the exact number of golfers who will be playing in the tournament?
Let us know how many golfers you plan to have at your event and we can adjust it accordingly if the number changes.

Are pros eligible to win prizes?
Yes, for an additional fee club pros and touring pros are eligible to win a prize as long as they are listed as tournament participants on the contract.

What is included with my premium?
In addition to the main prize, we include up to three additional hole-in-one prizes for the remaining par 3’s.  We also include a hole-in-one prize sign for each hole-in-one prize hole.

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Do you accept credit cards?
Yes, we accept MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.


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Are you able to suggest hole-in-one prize options?
Yes, while cash has been the most popular prize offering, there are many other options! We can also work with you to determine the best bonus hole-in-one prize packages. Please see the Prize Options tab on the Home page or contact us for more information at:

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Are mulligans permitted?
No, mulligans are not permitted. The first attempt at the prize hole is the only shot that counts.

What is the minimum distance for a main prize hole?
135 yards is our minimum distance.  If the hole plays from at least 165 yards for the men (135 yards for the women), your fee will decrease. For the bonus hole-in-one prize holes, 135 yards is the minimum distance (for both men and women).

What is the most commonly “insured” distance?
Anywhere from 165-185 yards is most commonly listed on our contracts, however a distance of 165 yards or longer will give you the best premium for your budget.

What are the dimensions of your hole-in-one prize signs?
Our signs measure 23” x 15”.  The area for the sponsor name/logo and prize description is 17” x 11”.  Our weather-proof signs are made of corrugated plastic and each one comes with a metal stake for increased stability and easy set up.

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Are you able to use my company or sponsor logo?
Yes, we will need a vector file logo to ensure the best image for your sign(s) – .eps, .pdf or .ai will work the best.

What do I do if a hole-in-one is made?
Simply contact Coast to Coast Hole in One at 833-463-6282 within 24 hours and ensure that the player keeps their scorecard. We will take care of the claims process from there!

What happens if an event is cancelled or if the date changes?
If the date changes and no shots have been taken at the hole, simply contact us no later than 2 business days after the event date with the new date and we can easily revise the contract.  If the event is cancelled completely and signs have been shipped, simply contact us no later than 2 business days after the event date and we will cancel the contract and process a refund back to you less a cancellation fee.

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